Christian Louboutin shoes is not just accessories
Christian Louboutin is a well-known brand and designer. His early years of this complex is still at school from the lattice, the famous Paris nightclub The Palace to see the dance performance - in the 1970s, Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent and Grace Jones are regulars there. "Those Showgirls deeply affected me," he said, "If you like high heels, then that is the ultimate in high heels - the key is how they adorn their legs, they is how to act freely. That is my ultimate idol. "
Despite the charm of far less than the high-heeled shoes flat shoes (they are cute, but not hot), but the fact cannot be overlooked: not every woman has the ability to wear high heels more than ten centimeters. Christian Louboutin outle According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the British trade unions to require employers were not forced to wear female employees with more than 4 cm high shoes, high heels means they think of gender discrimination, from the long-term perspective is also very detrimental to health. This, Christian Louboutin hold moderate attitude. "Comfort is very important, I think for the beautiful and suffering is meaningless," he said, "a pair of shoes should not only look good, cannot make people feel uncomfortable." He added that many of his designs have a hidden front foot bottom, although with the high may reach 18 cm, in fact, the height of 12 centimeters. "If you like to wear high heels, then 12cm should be within your tolerance. People with high arch wear them to eighty or more." Of course, like changing the Christian Louboutin heels said: "I'm not a fascist person. I will not force people to wear high heels. "In fact, several of his sisters will not love to wear high heels."They always complain about me why not you do something Flats." His smile Road, "They do not like shoes."
No matter how much the outside world has criticized high heels, Christian Louboutin sale high heels lovers will tightly in their ears. He was afraid of is that shoes are no longer in the accessories position. Whether it is becoming more diverse, dramatic and personal footwear design, or they are attracted to the red carpet more and more of the lens designers no longer have that as a costume with leather goods - They do not even consider the wearer, but instead required the wearer to adapt themselves to the most experienced, who made the models are faltering in the high heels. Make them out as long as Christian Louboutin, it always people will wear them out.